Problems Of Refugee Workers

  • Payment of Salaries
  • Underpayment for equal work
  • Registration problems vis-a-vis Provincial Directorate of Migration Management
  • Very limited Access to work permits, uninsured employment and precarity
  • Poor Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards
  • Lack of access to technical and vocational education and training
  • Long Working Hours
  • Physical Abuse and sexual harassment • Discrimination
  • No Specific Promotion of Equal Opportunities for Women
Key Project Activities
  • Providing Legal Aid Services to Syrian TGL workers (Direct legal aid will be provided once or twice a week in İstanbul and Gaziantep by two lawyers)
  • Development of online legal aid tool
  • Establishment of Regular social dialogue between employers’ associations and trade unions (TUs) in the TGL sector
  • Screening workshop and roundtables on the integration of Syrian refugee workers in order to create a long-lasting Social dialogue among the stakeholders
  • Design of Social Compliance (SC) Programme for Small Scale Subcontractor SMEs
Problems with Employers
  • The main issue is with the SMEs that act as subcontractors
  • In order to keep up with orders of a certain size, manufacturers abuse the workers
  • Improving the social dialogue with employers’ associations develop common policy proposals addressing the human rights situation
  • Screening workshop and roundtables on the integration of Syrian
    refugee workers
  • Advanced trainings on international standards of occupation healthand safety
  • Social compliance (SC) programme for small-scale subcontractor SMEs

Partners of project

Lead applicant: 3F Fælles Fagligt Forbund (United Federation of Danish Workers)

Partner: DİSK (Progresive Trade Unions Confederation of Turkey)

Partner: Tekstil (Textile Workers Union)

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