Collective Bargaining Right

It is the right to regulate labor relations with economic and social rights between the union representing the workers and the employer. The right to collective bargaining and the right to unionize are intertwined. It is not possible to talk about trade union rights without a collective agreement. One of the most important goals of the unionization of the workers is to change the working relations in the workplace in their favor by signing a collective agreement.

The capacity and authority to make collective agreements, that is, which union/institution will make a collective agreement, are specified by law. In our country, this right cannot be adequately exercised due to double dams and long procedures. Unions can start collective bargaining with the employer and have the right to sign a collective agreement if they first exceed the industry threshold and then the workplace threshold.

According to Article 53 of the Constitution,

“Workers and employers have the right to conclude collective bargaining agreements in order to mutually regulate their economic and social conditions and working conditions. Regulated by law in the way of the collective bargaining agreement.”

ILO (International Labor Organization) Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining No. 98


Employees and employers have the right to establish organizations of their choice without prior permission, without any discrimination, and to become a member of these organizations only on condition that they comply with their statutes.

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