Textile-Leather Sector in Thrace and Bursa

In Thrace, DISK Tekstil has organizational activities in Cerkezkoy, Corlu, Luleburgaz and Edirne. In this region there are 1600 medium and large scale plants of total 2600 plants of Turkey. It is the most intense industrial zone of our country. In Corlu, there is a big leather industrial zone in which over 10 thousand formal workers work in intense season and 3 thousand works in the rest. There are many footwear plants in these three towns. There are many textile companies as well and over 60 thousand formal textile workers are employed in this region. There are almost 450 textile and 110 leather plants. The percentage of the textile-leather sector is 35 % in the economy of Thrace region. 45 % of the industrial formal workers also belongs to textile-leather sector. It is important to note that in Turkey, 9,1 % of workers is textile and leather workers. This shows the intensity of textile workers in this region and why we need to focus on this region.

Our Union signs collective agreements with four companies covering 800 members. We also wait for the legal court decision for the certification of collective bargaining in two companies, one Belgian and one Korean, covering 800 workers. We also have unionization efforts in many other plants. We have committees in some leather companies in Corlu and textile companies in Luleburgaz and Cerkezkoy.

Bursa is another significant industrial city in Turkey. Textile sector is the largest sector in Bursa covering 38 % of its economy and 25 % of employment and it has a centuries old historical backround. We have collective agreements with two companies covering 850 members and one of them is the British Coats company. We are almost finalizing unionization efforts and convert it to an agreement in another company with over 500 workers. We continue unionization in many companies in Bursa from Yalova to Kestel in east-west direction.

Department of International Relations


February 2013