The first training meetings were held within the scope of the PROJECT OF IMPROVEMENT OF THE RIGHTS OF TEXTILE, WEAR AND LEATHER WORKERS IN TURKEY (INCLUDING SYRIAN MIGRANTS) carried out by our union, our Confederation DİSK and the brother organization 3F Federation (United Workers Federation) from Denmark.

The training meetings organized within the scope of the project supported by the European Commission were held in Istanbul on October 23, 2021 and Gaziantep on October 24, 2021 under the title of Human Rights and Lobbying Education.

Our project partner Bjorn Haar from 3F, attended the training meetings held within the framework of the needs determined as a result of the analysis surveys conducted among our members, and made a comparative evaluation of the practices in Denmark and Turkey.

Kazım Doğan, DİSK Board Member and Chairman of our Union, and Seyit Aslan, DİSK Board Member and Gıda-İş Chairman, M. Ali Başak and Savaş Testici, members of the General Board of our Union, and Asalettin Arslanoğlu, our Merter Office President, also attended the training in Istanbul.

In addition to our representatives from the workplaces, DİSK Board Member Seyit Aslan and our Union’s General Board Member M. Ali Başak also attended the training in Gaziantep.

Representatives from workplaces in Istanbul and Gaziantep took part in the training meeting, which was held in four parts.

In the first part of the meetings, Bjorn Haar conveyed the functioning of 3F, its policies and projects for immigrants, and current information on Denmark’s labor movement.

In the second part, he shared the basic ideas, beginnings and details of the IGU program, which ensures the efficient reintegration of Syrians who have immigrated to Denmark.

In the third part, suggestions were made about how the 3F Union organized and increasing the organizational capacity according to the results.

In the last part, our managers and representatives shared the similarities, differences and experiences between the two countries with their questions and contributions.

Scenes from Istanbul Education Meeting (23.10.2021)

Scenes from Gaziantep Education Meeting (24.10.2021)